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"Saint Etienne was a name me and Pete dreamt up at school aged 13 or 14, an imaginary group because neither of us had the patience to learn to play an instrument. Then, at the height of DIY in the early eighties, we hired a portastudio for a week, with a Korg MS 10 we'd saved up for, and created an unlistenable noise under the name The Lost Chapel Picnic (gawdelpus).Next, around 83/84, when we created our semi-famous 'party tapes', we chose the nom de guerre Reardon. The thinking here was that nobody from the UK would use the name because of Ray Reardon the aged snooker player, therefore the name would sound like an authentic NY electro artiste.THEN, (are you still awake?), we were The Next Projected Sound for our pisspoor 1988 attempt at acid house, mainly memorable for Richard Norris coming to the studio and lending us his 303. Finally we returned to the name we first used, thank God."